Airport Lake, Wakefield VA

Airport Lake, Wakefield VA

Lat / Long:  36.908556 =77028451


After a few days of storms, I took a chance and drove to Wakefield to fish Airport Lake on the afternoon of 19 MAY 2018.  Bottom line is that the weather held but the wind did not keep me from catching a very nice 17″ Large Mouth Bass.

17″ Large Mouth Bass

This is a Virginia Wildlife Management Area lake located south of Wakefield VA.  The lake is roughly 1200 yards long and 250 yards wide.  It is very acidic like many lakes south of Maryland.  This lake is home to the county 4H Camp and has conference facilities and lodging available on site. Its relatively deep for a lake that lies in the vicinity of the Dismal Swamp.  A public boat access is available off Courtland Road (VA 628) [36.907727 -77.027270].  A small dock is adjacent to the ramp that is made of gravel.  The Virginia State fishing website describes the lake has having limited fish due to poor nutrient and acidic water but that some large bass can be caught.  I verified that with two large bass but no other strikes.




Take US 460 to Wakefield VA and proceed south on Main Street.  Airport Lake is 5.3 miles south of Wakefield VA.  Parking is adjacent to the Public boat launch on the southeast corner of the lake along Courtland Road.




Key Points

Point #1:  Public Boat Launch

Point #2: Missed large Bass over 17 inches

Point #3:  Caught large Bass measuring 17 inches

Point #4:  Caught nice size pan fish.

Point #5:  Spillway



Launch Site.

Gravel boat ramp can support a trailer.  An old dock is next to the launch and makes for easy loading of a john boat or canoe.

Bank Fishing:

The dam breast for Airport Lake has numerous spots to fish from that are clear of vegetation.  Like most of the lake, the shore adjacent to the 4-H camp has limited spots.  The majority of the shore does not allow fishing due to the swamp nature of the terrain or the dense vegetation on the shoreline.  This is lake is best fished from a boat.

Editor’s Opinion:

Airport Lake has a lot of potential but the fish population is limited.  I will try it when weather conditions are better.


Lodging:  This is a rural area.   The Airfield Conference Center (757) 899-4901 which is collocated with the 4H Camp has rooms are $85 per night. The Wakefield Inn is found nearby.

Food:  Its hard to beat the Virginia Diner.  Its open at 6:00 AM and closes at 9 pm.

Tackle:  Hardware stores can be found in the local area around Wakefield.  Suffolk has a Walmart.  Dick’s is the closest sporting goods store and is found in Chesapeake.

Peter is a retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer. Married to the same gal for 34 years. They have an empty nest and very proud of all their young adults. They have a growing list of grand kids. Peter enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and introducing the outdoors to his grand kids and others. He is the editor of

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