TEXAS in the Fall

We relocated from Virginia Beach to the Texas Hill Country to be closer to family.  The past summer was brutal and the Medina River was almost bone dry.  A few deep pools allowed some fish to survive if they were not eaten by the gar.  I caught one gar that was over 40 inches but it was too dark to take a picture and too many teeth to fiddle with the phone.

Labor Day brought rain.  I rained record amounts over September and October.  I fished Columbus Day and caught a small bass.  Recently I got a free afternoon and caught a even smaller bass.  Any time on the river fishing is good no matter what the catch.

Over Columbus Day weekend, I flew to Nashville for a reunion with some of my heroes.  As luck would have it, the plane was delayed due to a bird strike.  So I found myself with 4 hours to kill.  I drove to Bass Pro Shop North of San Antonio on I-10 and did some browsing.  Eventually I found the fly fishing section and checked out the hackle and fly line.  I started up a conversation with the associate who had not seen anyone all afternoon.  I mentioned that I missed east coast trout fishing and he informed me of the Rainbow stocking that Texas does in December.  If you are in Texas, check out the locations and dates below and do some winter fly fishing.


STOCKING LOCATION Winter of 2018-2019

What could have been a boring wait, turned into a new chapter for my fly fishing.  At least give the guy above a chance to grow bigger until I catch him again in the Spring.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Peter is a retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer. Married to the same gal for 34 years. They have an empty nest and very proud of all their young adults. They have a growing list of grand kids. Peter enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and introducing the outdoors to his grand kids and others. He is the editor of Bluecordfishermen.com

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