First Day of Trout for Adults 31 MAR in South PA (24 MAR for Mentored Kids)

First Day in Pennsylvania

The commission annually stocks about 3.15 million adult trout in 720 streams and 126 lakes open to public angling. That total includes about 2 million rainbow trout, 640,000 brown trout and 500,000 brook trout. The average size of the trout is 11 inches in length.

In Pennsylvania, The commission also will stock about 8,700 trophy golden rainbow trout that weigh an average of 1.5 pounds and measure at least 14 inches, and commission cooperative nurseries run by sportsmen’s clubs across the state will add another 1 million trout to waters open to public angling.

Lebanon County Stockings


Stony Creek Trout Stocking

Stocked Creeks in Lebanon County

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